About us

The Western Norway Student Council

The Western Norway Student Council (Studenttinget på Vestlandet, or STVL) is a statutory body led by students at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Høgskulen på Vestlandet, or HVL). It is the highest student political organ within the institution. To best promote and protect the students’ interests, STVL is organised in the following manner:

The Student Council (Studenttinget)

In many ways, The Student Council and its 20 representatives can be compared to the Norwegian Storting (parliament) as the “legislature”. A secret ballot election is held in each region during the late autumn, and representatives are chosen for one year at a time. The Student Council normally gathers six times a year to process hearings, pass motions, and reach resolutions in cases regarding the students’ interests. The Student Council also elects student representatives for various boards, councils and comittees. Click the box below for an overview of the current Student Council representatives.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is to the Government what the Student Council is to our Parliament. The Student Council is the determining, elected body, while the Executive Committee works to implement the motions that are passed. The Executive Committee consist of seven students who work full-time to accomplish the goals set by the Student Council. The Executive Committee has offices in each region to maintain contact with all of HVL’s campuses.

Councils, boards and committees at HVL

Student representatives must make up a minimum of 20% of the voters in all councils, boards and committees with a decision-making authority at HVL. The Student Council organises and elects all student representatives for these associoations, such as the HVL Board of Directors, The Learning Environment Committee, The Research- and Education Committee, The Suitability Committee, and The Appeals Committee among others.