Below are the central documents that the Western Norway Student Council operates from. The documents cover our core principles, our plan of action among other things.

The Student Council normally gathers six times a year spread across the three regions. All students at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences submit cases to be processed by the Student Council at one of these meetings. Please contact the Executive Committe to submit a case. You can find an overview of cases from earlier meetings in the box below.

The documents below are currently only available in Norwegian, but if you need an English translation or summary of them, please contact the Executive Committee.


Prinsipprogram (Policy Statement)

This document covers The Student Councils’ core principles and is our leading political document.

Download our policy statment

Handlingsplan (plan of action)

This documents the measures to be taken by STVL and the Executice Committee to achieve our goals.

Download the plan of action for 2018

Samarbeidsavtale (cooperation agreement)

Download the cooperation agreement between the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and the Western Norway Student Council.


Download our international platform


Resolutions from ST06-17

Sikring av studentenes mening i midtveisevaluering (securing of students’ opinions in midterm assesments)

Resolutions from ST05-17

Miljøfyrtårn (eco-lighthouse)

Nei til forbud mot ansiktsdekkende plagg i høyere utdanning (“no” to the law prohibiting use of garments that cover ones face in higher education)

Økt stipendandel på reisestøtte ved utveksling (increased scholarship percentage in the funds allocated to travel costs during an exchange)

Etiske retningslinjer for ivaretakelse av menneskerettigheter og akademisk frihet (ethical guidelines for the preservation human rights and academic freedom)

These are our administrative documents (styringsdokumenter). These are currently only available in Norwegian.

Vedtekter (by-laws)

Valgreglement (election regulations)

Forretningsorden (rules of procedure)

Økonomireglement (financial regulations)

Mandat for arbeidsutvalget (mandates for the Exectuive Committee)

Øvrige mandater (other mandates)

Retningslinjer for fond (funding guidelines)

Reglement for tildeling av semesteravgiftsmidlar for regionråda i region nord og sør (regulations for allocating tuition fee funds)

Retningslinjer for strømming (streaming guidelines)

Samarbeidsavtale (cooperation agreement)

Meeting schedule 2018

ST 1/18 26.01.18 – 28.01.18 Bergen 

ST 2/18 09.03.18 – 11.03.18 Sogndal  

ST 3/18 04.05.18 – 06.05.18 Bergen  

ST 4/18 31.08.18 – 02.09.18 Stord 

ST 5/18 28.09.18 – 30.09.18 Førde  

ST 6/18 09.11.18 – 11.11.18 Haugesund 

Agendas 2018

ST 02/18

Protokoll ST 02/18 (minutes)

Endelig innkalling ST 02/18 (final call)

Vedlegg ST 02/18 (attatchments)

Kandidatskjema (candidate forms)

Endringsforslagsskjema (amendment from)

ST 01/18

Protokoll ST 01/18 (minutes)

Endelig innkalling ST 01/18 (final call)

Vedlegg til ST 01/18 (oppdatert) (attachments)


Agendas 2017

ST 06/17

Protokoll ST 06/17 (minutes)

Endelig innkalling ST 06/17 (final call)

Vedlegg til ST 06/17 (attachments)

ST 05/17

Protokoll ST 05/17 (minutes)

Endelig innkalling ST 05/17 (final call)

ST 04/17

Protokoll ST 04/17 (minutes)

Endelig innkalling ST 04/17 (final call)

ST 03/17

Protokoll ST 03/17 (minutes)

Endelig innkalling ST 03/17 (final call)

ST 02/17

Protokoll ST 02/17 (minutes)

Endelig innkalling ST 02/17 (final call)

ST 01/17

Protokoll ST 01/17 (minutes)

Endelig innkalling ST 01/17 (minutes)