Below is a collection of resources that may be of use for students at HVL. Some documents are currently only available in Norwegian – please contact the Executive Committee if you need anything translated or summarised in English. 


As a student you should have a safe and engagings learning environment. HVL has a system called «sei ifrå», which exists for you as a student to give feedback to the institution.

Here you can alert the institution about serious concerns (red level), smaller things that could be improved (yellow level), or give positive feedback (green level).

Visit for more info or to submit an issue to HVL.

You are also welcome to get in touch with the executive committee for a chat about any concerns.

The Student Council offers some funds for students who for example want to arrange a course-related seminar, a garden party, or an evening of chess.

The fund supports most of the student activities at HVL. All students can apply for the fund if they have a project or event in mind for the  students at HVL. No operational aid can be given, so the project must have a start date and an end date.

Please contact the Executive Committe for more information.

Refunds for travel related to The Student Council

Download form

Fill out the above and send it to along with your scanned receipts. When you scan receipts, please gather as many as possible per A4 page.

Car allowance form

Download the form for the distance-based allowance when travelled by private car.

Download guidance for this form (norwegian only).

Please send this to

Allowance froms related to student positions with pay at HVL

Download form

Fill this out and send it to the secretary of the committee you are part of.

Candidate application form

The Student Council elects student representatives for various boards, councils and comittees at HVL. If you want to contribute to and represent the students’ interests, we encourage you to contact the executive committee.

Leaving a position

Download form

If you wish to leave a role, please fill out the form above, scan and send it to or post it to Studenttinget på Vestlandet v/ Høgskulen på Vestlandet, postboks 7030, 5020 Bergen.